The Three Basic Components of a Pulse

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then regarding pulse diagnosis, it may be said, “A touch is worth a thousand pictures.” Pulse diagnosis is perhaps the least understood diagnostic constituent of Chinese Medicine partly due to the difficulty in disseminating its intricacies, as well as the fact that access to reliable clinical information […]

The Concept of Fang Jia Fang (Formula plus Formula)

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In the majority of TCM schools in the United States, students are taught how to derive herbal formulas from raw single herbs. While this method of formulating herbs works, it is only effective with strict patient compliance. This requires time, energy, patience and a forgiving palate, due to the strong taste of raw herbs, that […]

Dr. Chang’s Innovative Diagnostic Procedures

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Part I In addition to the eight principle differentiation, there are many other tools that an acupuncturist can use to generate an accurate clinical diagnosis. In fact, it is my belief that a diagnosis is not complete until certain parameters have been thoroughly evaluated. Among these parameters are of course pulse diagnosis and examination of […]