Our Rates

4 RatesWe accept cash or checks for office visits. We do not accept health insurance at this time.


Dr. Jimmy Chang, MS, LAc, PhD

  • Initial consultation $50, subsequent visits $40

Tina Chen, LAc, Associate Partner

  • Initial consultation $40, subsequent visits $30

Herbal Medicine/Refills

  • Regular Bottle $60 (100g, approx. 7-10 day supply)
  • Large Bottle $85 (150g, approx. 14-18 day supply)


Our herbal extracts are different from herbal extracts found at general health food stores. We only provide medicinal grade extracts that are pure, safe, and effective. The herbal extracts are batch tested following standards and guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of the United States. Our practice wants to ensure the highest quality treatment possible for our patients.