Intern with Jimmy

10 Education Opportunities (2)Students of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturists are welcome to learn pulse diagnosis via an internship at our clinic. We recommend that you finish Dr. Chang’s basic courses in Pulsynergy from the Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine prior to starting your internship so you are familiar with his system.

Here are the links to the video courses:

When you have completed the video courses, please contact Mimi to schedule an internship (626) 820-8858;

To help you become familiar with the Pulsynergy system, enjoy these free videos on YouTube.

We look forward to teaching you the Pulsynergy method of diagnosis.

Internship Fees:

1 Session $240
2 Sessions $240
3 Sessions $119
Total: $599

Each session is from 10am to 12 or 1pm depending on patient load. A discount is provided for practitioners dedicated to mastering pulse diagnosis and who would like to intern on multiple days. We encourage you to bring questions on tough patients as Dr. Chang will be happy to help give herbal suggestions. A Pulsynergy Certificate of Internship Completion will be awarded after you have completed 12 sessions at the clinic.