What to Expect on Your First Visit

blood-preasureWelcome to Your Path to Healing

We are so glad to be a part of your healing journey. 


What should I wear & what do I need to bring?

We ask that you remove any accessories you wear around your wrist such as bracelets, watches, pedometers, etc., and wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Loose fitting clothes are best as we would need to access your forearm and lower legs. If you have any medical records or information that may be useful for your doctor, please bring a copy.

What can I expect during the clinical evaluation?

We will ask you to roll up your sleeves to expose your forearms. We will evaluate and diagnose your condition by looking at your palms, taking your pulse, and examining your ears. From the signs shown on your arms, pulse and ears, we will consult with you about the most prominent symptoms or diseases you are currently suffering from. Sometimes past conditions can show signs of progression or areas of health weakness which can be addressed by discussing prevention strategies and lifestyle modification. After reviewing and discussing the condition of your health with you, we will address your primary health concern or the symptom that is most bothersome. Some conditions can be treated simultaneously; however, some conditions need to be treated sequentially for the best outcome. Our herbal formulas are prepared specifically for your current health conditions taking into consideration your medical history. The pharmacy will prepare your custom herbal formula while you rest in the waiting room.

How many treatments will I need?

The duration of your treatment program varies with your health condition. For acute conditions, you may have a shorter treatment program compared to chronic patients. Chronic conditions and complex conditions may require longer treatment programs. See FAQ on “How Long Will it take to See Results?” for more details.