5.4 TestimonialsDr. Chang,

I just want to express my appreciation and gratitude for all the help you have given me. But especially for the compassion and understanding that comes from the very core of your being.

That compassion I have felt on more than one occasion. Your explanation and advice have made me realize more about my own body and how to apply that knowledge to help myself become more balanced using oriental medicine principles and herbs.

Thank you so very much! May the universe bless you and assist you in your work.

— J. J.


Dear Dr. Jimmy Chang,

We have trying to have a baby for two years and it wasn’t working. We almost lost all our hope of having one. But I am so glad I came to you for treatment. Your treatment has worked like magic on me doc! It’s because of you after 2 months of treatment I got pregnant. Your treatment has worked like a miracle for us. Me and my husband are so thankful. You are the best! Even the nurses on your team were the best. They always answered all the questions I had.

— Meg