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Pulse Diagnosis

In Chinese Medicine, pulse taking is considered one of the most powerful tools of diagnosis and the hardest to master. Pulsynergy is a special way of pulse-taking invented by Dr. Jimmy Chang. The complexity of the pulse quality provides signs that can indicate systemic pathology of the body and specific dysfunction of your internal organs.

Herbal Prescription

Based on a tradition of over 2000 years, Chinese herbology consists of over 1000 herbs. Unlike Western herbology where one herb is often used, Chinese herbal prescriptions usually consist of multiple herbs to enhance the overall effect. Furthermore, each formula is prescribed based on your individual diagnosis and condition.

Ear Diagnosis

Specific areas of your ear reveal the inner workings and condition of your body. Our staff will closely observe the coloring, shape, texture and markings of your ear to supplement our pulse diagnosis. Together, they give us a complete picture of your state of health and allow us to exactly customize your herbal prescription for maximum results.

What Else Do We Offer?

Nutritional Advice

Your health will benefit from our simple, practical suggestions to modify your diet.

Prescription Refills

For your convenience, we will refill your herbal prescription three times via phone.

Educational Training

We are also a teaching clinic for students of Chinese medicine who are interested in Pulsynergy.

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Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Jimmy Chang, we were trying to have a baby for two years and it wasn’t working. We almost lost all our hope of having one.

But I am so glad I came to you for treatment. Your treatment has worked like magic on me doc! It’s because of you after 2 months of treatment I got pregnant. Your treatment has worked like a miracle for us. Me and my husband are so thankful. You are the best!

Meg Project Manager

Dr. Chang, I just want to express my appreciation and gratitude for all the help you have given me. But especially for the compassion and understanding that comes from the very core of your being.

That compassion I have felt on more than one occasion. Your explanation and advice have made me realize more about my own body and how to apply that knowledge to help myself become more balanced using oriental medicine principles and herbs.

Thank you so very much! May the universe bless you and assist you in your work.

J. J. Nurse
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Our Mission

With over 40 years of dedicated clinical experience, Dr. Jimmy Chang's Jian-Tai Clinic provides world-class expertise in Chinese pulse diagnosis and herbal prescription.

We look forward to compassionately addressing your health concerns and wellness needs.

Our mission is to provide fast and effective treatment so you can live a more productive and energetic life.

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The Three Basic Components of a Pulse

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then regarding pulse diagnosis, it may be said, “A touch is worth a thousand pictures.” Pulse diagnosis is perhaps the least understood diagnostic constituent of Chinese Medicine partly due to the difficulty in disseminating its intricacies, as well as the fact that access to reliable clinical information […]

The Concept of Fang Jia Fang (Formula plus Formula)

In the majority of TCM schools in the United States, students are taught how to derive herbal formulas from raw single herbs. While this method of formulating herbs works, it is only effective with strict patient compliance. This requires time, energy, patience and a forgiving palate, due to the strong taste of raw herbs, that […]

Dr. Chang’s Innovative Diagnostic Procedures

Part I In addition to the eight principle differentiation, there are many other tools that an acupuncturist can use to generate an accurate clinical diagnosis. In fact, it is my belief that a diagnosis is not complete until certain parameters have been thoroughly evaluated. Among these parameters are of course pulse diagnosis and examination of […]

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